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Is Arsenal Such A Disaster In Cup Competitions? By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Like I told my brother, Teju Olaoye, the other day, I analyse soccer. Not trolling clubs.

En route the 2013/2014 FA Cup success, Arsenal beat Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Everton to reach the finals and eventually lift the cup.

Towards another success, back to back, in 2014/15, Arsenal beat another big team, Manchester United, in the Quarter Finals at Old Trafford.

For the 2016/17 success, Arsenal beat Manchester City in the Semi-final and Chelsea in the final.

Yesterday, Arsenal lost to Manchester City in the Final, and to many fans and emergency supporters it looked like a disaster. Was it the scoreline? I don’t know.

Arsenal even beat Chelsea to reach this final and lowly Wigan had bundled same City out of the FA Cup!

In SIX domestic Cup game matches against the so-called Big Six, yesterday was the first Arsenal would lose. And they have beaten City and Chelsea (twice) in FA Community Shield matches. You may check your stats.

You win some and lose some. Teams like United, Liverpool, Spurs and so on had been eliminated in this same competition.

In analysing soccer, what you choose to see is not always what is the real thing…

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