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Is Orji Uzor Kalu Playing It Right? By Ena Ofugara


Etim Esin could have been the world best player. Okocha does not compare. Etim Esin never became what he could have become.

I am a fan of Orji Uzor Kalu…or perhaps I should say WAS A FAN. As a fan of Enyimba and what they did for Nigerian football winning African champions league back to back and giving us Enyeama, there is no way I would not have fallen in love with the one who made that team possible, Orji Kalu.

Also I admired his boldness when he confronted then demi-god Anthony Anenih. I saw in him a strong-willed young leader who could go all the way.

And in my quest for a true National candidate from among the Igbos that can actually be president, and to actively be a part of a movement that can make this possible, I joined a watsapp group that he was a member of and was an ardent supporter of his.

I ordinarily do not talk in watsapp groups I am a member of. But I followed him and when he anounced his move to APC, still I understood.

And then Orji Uzor Kalu shocked me beyond words. It was like I was watching a man light fire to his own farm.

Here is Uzor Kalu that could join APC, watch his tongue and continue to be smart enough to keep his friends made in PDP loyal to him so when he runs for president under APC, some would put party aside and join him.

And Orji Uzor Kalu began performing for an audience of one…Buhari. First he took on Nnamdi Kanu, a very incendiary enterprise. Then he began insulting everything PDP and saying the very worst things. I wanted to point out to him that is he watching many others who decamped? Not everyone is picking up the machete to cut the tree that once gave it shade just because they are moving house.

But surprisingly, Kalu did.

This is a man that has a daughter or son marrying from Edo state, ruled his state enough to get National fame and …

Now he has lost his base among the Igbos. And with no base support, APC has cast him aside, with all his Daura chieftaincy title.

Now his friend Atiku is PDP aspirant and because of his actions and statements, Orji Uzor Kalu cannot be a possible VP pick or begin to position self.

And I like this man so much.

I guess I have to just keep my hope on Peter Obi and Chidoka and hope they can work together and not make huge mistakes.

We from this side can ill afford mistakes. We are too dispensable.

Oh Orji Uzor Kalu.

It is so sad seeing a man that could have gone all the way do an Etim Esin.

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