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Israeli aircraft conduct second strike on Gaza in less than 24 hours


Tel Aviv – Israeli aircraft and tanks, on Thursday struck several targets in the Gaza Strip, in response to incendiary balloons and gunfire aimed at a military observation post, according to the army.

The Israeli army said that it had targeted several observation posts belonging to the Hamas movement, which rules the coastal enclave.

According to Palestinian security sources, there were eight Israeli airstrikes on the Eastern part of the town of Rafah in Southern Gaza. However, no casualties were reported.

The Israeli Army said that it was the second time within 24 hours that it conducted strikes on Gaza.

The Israeli Army added that the air strikes were in retaliation for projectile and incendiary balloons.

The army announced on Wednesday that it was deploying extra troops to the West Bank and Gaza border based on its assessments.

Meanwhile, relations between Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement that rules Gaza have been relatively peaceful recently.

Israeli media reported in December that Israel was considering a long-term informal ceasefire with Hamas; in return, Hamas would try harder to stop Palestinian militant factions in coastal enclave from firing rockets into Israel and dampen border protests.

However, all eyes are on the region at the moment, after U.S. President Donald Trump unveiled his plans for the Middle East on Tuesday.

Trump’s plans have been strongly rejected by Palestinian leaders and prompted hundreds of people to take to the streets of Gaza in a show of solidarity.


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