Israeli president to pick lawmaker to form government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Tel Aviv – President Reuven Rivlin, on Wednesday received the official results of Israel’s general election, with less than a week to go to pick a parliamentarian to form a government.

The mandate traditionally goes to the party that won the most votes, in this case embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Likud party took 36 seats in the country’s third election within a year.

Netanyahu has already failed twice to form a government after elections in April and September, and this round of coalition building would likely not be better after the March 2, elections did not hand a decisive majority.

Earlier, Rivlin said any agreement that would produce a stable government as well as gaining the trust of the people would be a good development by him and his party.

Rivlin is set to hold a round of consultations with representatives from the party lists elected to the next Knesset on Sunday.


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