“It was my worst mistake in life” -Denrele Edun speaks on the one time he ever dated a man(Video)

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Denrele Edun, the popular personality, turns 40 years old today, June 13.

Ahead of his , he spoke Chude Jideonwo about his journey and revealed he had once dated a man.

According Denrele, the experience the worst in his and the man in question very toxic him all the period they saw each other.

In his words: ‘I have not been in too many relationships which is why I am always very skeptical about getting into them. So one day I said myself, maybe the do not have anything offer me and then I had quite a bit of male attention, so I said let me just give somebody a chance. the worse decision of my .

From then on, I have said I am my own sugardaddy. I have a strong masculine side designed to take care of my feminine side because the person I decided to experiment the most draining thing I had ever done in my life and I am never going to be caught in sought of situation.

I met the most disrespectful, most disregarding, the temper I had not seen. I tried to quell . I said Okay so God, maybe you sent this man into my life because you wanted me to change this person, maybe you wanted me to fix ”he said

Denrele said he somehow got his reality check and got out of the relationship after months of people telling him was toxic for him.

Watch a clip of the interview below: