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I’ve Been Sleeping With Your Husband – Single Mother Tells Housewife During Fight


A housewife identified as Mrs. Shade Rabiu has been taunted by a single mother, Damilola Yusuf during a public fight after she revealed that she had been sleeping with Shade’s husband, Lati for the past one year.

According to PM Express, the incident happened at Alhaji Obe Street, Ejigbo area of Lagos, where Shade lives opposite Damilola, who has two kids and not living with her husband.

The Police at Ejigbo Division arrested both Damilola and Shade for affray and conduct likely to cause breach of public peace and detained them at the Station.
Trouble was said to have started after Lati told Shade that he was going to Orisumare area of Lagos to sleep with his second wife.

However, Lati slept with Damilola and sneaked out in the morning but Shade met him while he was coming from Damilola’s apartment and confronted him.

It was at that point that Damilola told Shade that her husband was sleeping with her and there was no going back as she, Damilola, had said she wanted to have him alone.

The man in question, Mr. Lati, is a carpenter but was said to have appetite for women and that was why he got married to two wives yet it was not enough for him.

What finally brought them to the station was after Shade caught her husband, Lati, again coming out from Damilola’s apartment; she confronted her husband, which prompted Damilola to come out to warn Shade and it led to a public fight.

When contacted, Shade confirmed that Damilola was sleeping with her husband and still taunted her after her husband sneaked out from her house.

She said that she noticed that her husband was sleeping with Damilola four months ago but Damilola corrected her and told her that it was over a year ago.

On the side of Damilola, she admitted that Lati was her lover and she knew that he was married to Shade and another woman but she was ready to share him with them.

Meanwhile, Damilola insisted that she will not leave Lati and she was even prepared to marry him as the third wife.

When P.M.EXPRESS correspondent visited Ejigbo Police station after Shade and Damilola were arrested and detained, none of them wanted to compromise on their position.

While Shade insisted that Damilola should leave her husband alone for peace to return to her marriage, Damilola stood her ground that she will not quit the relationship rather she will get married to Lati and he will have the three of them as wives.

Police sources at Ejigbo Division said that the suspects may be likely charged before Court for their conduct in public.

The residents also took positions on the matter; some said Damilola should leave Lati for Shade while some said it is Lati that will decide what to do to bring peace in the area.


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