I’ve not found love with Kiddwaya- Erica

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Erica has opened her with Kiddwaya. She noted that Kidd is her friend notwithstanding all they do .

Responding Biggie’s questions during her diary session, Erica said only who have found are Vee and Neo.

She noted although she’s close Kiddwaya, she doesn’t think she has found with him.

“I think Neo and Vee have found . I know I’ve not found , I’m happy with Kidd, I like Kidd a lot, he is more like best friend.

“For me, I’m not looking for love right now so I’m fine with the way things are now with me and Kidd.

“I think Prince and Tolani like each , they are not just there yet and for Ozo and , I know Ozo likes a lot but I don’t think really likes Ozo”.