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Jang moves into new Government House Sept. 5, Gbong Gwom palace now museum


JOS – Gov. Jonah Jang of Plateau and his cabinet will move into the newly built Plateau Government House on Friday, Sept. 5, the State’s Commissioner for Information, Mrs Olivia Dazyam has said. Dazyam announced this at a news conference after the State Executive Council’s meeting in Jos on Wednesday. She said the memorandum for the movement was presented by the Secretary to the State Government and approved by council. The commissioner said it was the first time Plateau Government was building a government house as the current structure in Rayfield was originally built as a Presidential Lodge. “You will recall that the council, at its meeting of Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011, approved the construction of new government house in Rayfield, Jos, at the initial cost of N4.4 billion. “Due to additional works, the contract was reviewed upward to N9.7 billion’’, she added. According to her, finishing touches are on going in the complex to make it ready for occupation. Dazyam said the council also approved the movement of the palace of the Gbong Gwom Jos, Chairman of the Plateau Traditional Council, to the current Governor’s Office and Lodge at Jishe.

[eap_ad_1] “This decision came up after a careful assessment of the palace of Gbong Gwom Jos. “The State Government felt that the current palace was not befitting the status of the king and saw the need to relocate it to the office being vacated by the governor. “The decision is predicated on the need for convenience and adequate space and to strengthen the security of the person of his majesty’’, she explained. The commissioner said the council also decided to convert the Gbong Gwom’s palace to Plateau State Museum. Prof. Shedrack Best, Secretary to Plateau Government, said the Plateau government machinery had always been moving from one location to another since its inception. “There has never been a permanent government house; this is the first time Plateau government will be seating in a permanent government house,’’ he said. Best said the governor’s lodge, where the Gbong Gwom would move into, had historical antecedents as it was the place where the Queen of England stayed when she came to Jos. “It therefore makes a lot of sense that we are moving the Plateau royalty, personified by the Gbong Gwom Jos, to that abode to serve as a residence and an office. “It will also serve as the Secretariat of the Plateau Council of Chiefs and we believe that the place is being put to good use’’, he said. Best added that the conversion of the Gbong Gwom’s palace to a museum was an investment in tourism. According to him, all local governments in the state will have spaces at the museum to display their cultural heritages for tourists. (NAN)


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