Japan issues arrest warrants for ex-U.S. soldier, 2 others for Ghosn escape

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Tokyo – Japanese authorities on Thursday issued arrest warrants for a former . Special soldier and other men on suspicion smuggling former Nissan Motor Co boss Carlos Ghosn out Japan.

“Warrants were issued for former . Green Beret Michael Taylor and other men, George-Antoine Zayek and Peter Taylor.

“A warrant was also issued for Ghosn for illegally leaving the country,’’ prosecutors said in a .

Ghosn fled to Lebanon, childhood home, at the end 2019, while he was awaiting on charges -reporting earnings, breach trust and misappropriation of company , all of which he denied.

The arrest warrants came days after prosecutors searched the Tokyo office Ghosn’s former lawyer.

Reuters reported recently that Lebanon and Japan have about 40 days to decide whether Ghosn will be extradited to Japan or stand in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the countries have no extradition treaty and Lebanon does typically hand over its nationals.

Ghosn’s legal team is hoping to hold the in Lebanon, where the former auto has deep ties and hopes to clear name.

Ghosn has struck out at what he called Japan’s unjust judicial system and said the alternative to fleeing would have been to spend the rest of life languishing in Tokyo without a fair trial.