Jazz Music Day: MUSON boss urges youths to improve themselves through music

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LAGOS – The Chairman, Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON), Kitoye Ibare-Akinsan, has advised youths to take advantage of the opportunities provided by music to better themselves.

“Even if you cannot sing you can play a musical instrument so as to express yourself, which matters a lot,” Ibare-Akinsan said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday.

The chairman spoke at the International Jazz Music Festival, which was held at the MUSON Centre in Lagos.

He said that music was a powerful way to express an emotion or an idea in a beautiful way, stressing “music breaks all divisions of race, religion, cast and creed and brings about ”.

“It is a wonderful force which can bring and establish and international peace, and brotherhood that is needed in any country.

“What speeches and articles cannot do, the magic of music can do easily and naturally,” Ibare-Akinsan said.

The chairman said that it was tough to be a musician because it consumed a lot of but noted that “music relaxes one”.

“You have to practise all the time so as to perfect the instruments”.

He enjoined the youth to be versatile, adding “ it is very good to be resourceful”.

Benny Uche of the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy, co-sponsor of the event, said that music was a global cultural wave and it helped the soul.

“As it spread around the world, jazz drew on different national, regional and local musical cultures, giving rise to many distinctive styles.

“We need to feel it and enjoy it. Music sure soothes and relaxes one,” she said.

The initiator, Chief Executive Officer, Inspiro Production, Ayoola Sadare, said that his organisation planned to promote jazz to give it wide acceptance like other genres of music.

“Jazz is a very good genre that anyone can play and combine it with any other kind of music.

“We seem to be neglecting jazz music, while other genres of music are growing,” he said.

Jazz Day is an annual musical diplomacy initiative by UNESCO, which is celebrated annually.

Jazz is a type of African-American music that originated in the late 19th and early 20th century in the Southern United States.

“It is a combination of European harmony and forms with African musical elements.”

Those who entertained the audience at the occasion included a group from the University of Lagos, Society of Performing Arts of Nigeria (SPAN), MUSON and ace musician, Yinka Davies. (NAN)