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Jimmy Odukoya Reveals Secret About His Dread

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Jimmy Odukoya, the recently appointed lead pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, unveiled some intriguing insights into his journey in the ministry and his distinctive personal style, notably his dreadlocks.

Pastor Odukoya, who also happens to be an actor, openly shared that his calling into the ministry was a divine one, emphasizing the significance of his new role as a lead pastor and his commitment to advancing the church’s mission.

Regarding his distinctive dreadlocks, which have sparked discussions on social media, he made it clear that he finds scriptural support for his chosen appearance.

He stated, “Na God called me as I am. This new position is a big responsibility. So all of my focus is here.”

In response to questions about his dreadlocks, Pastor Odukoya defended his choice by referencing biblical examples.

He explained, “If you say I’m wrong to keep my hair as a pastor, I can tell you that God told Samson not to cut his hair in the Bible. That means long hair is not a bad thing. Also, if you say the pastor is keeping a beard, I can tell you that the Bible says that when Jesus was tortured, they pulled hair from his face. If you say this pastor is putting on earrings, I can tell you that in the book of Exodus, when the children of Israel got out of Egypt and wanted to do the golden calf, they collected jewelry, rings, and earrings from their sons and daughters.”

He concluded by emphasizing that personal opinions should not be used to judge him and highlighted his long-standing involvement in ministry, stating, “I was ordained as a minister in 2009 and became a pastor in the church in 2012. I was the lead pastor of the youth church until 2020 or 2021.”