Jonathan directs aviation industry to ensure hitch-free World Economic Forum

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ABUJA – Supervising Minister of Aviation, Dr Samueel Ortom, said Jonathan had given a matching order the aviation industry ensure hitch-free World Economic Forum.

Ortom made this known on Monday Abuja while briefing newsmen after inspecting the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja for the arrival of delegates the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The minister said that necessary measures had been put place across the airports, especially Abuja and ensure hitch-free World Economic Forum.

According to him, special counters have been created at the airports to cater for the visitors

He said that the inspection carried out to ensure that there no loose-end at the Abuja airport for a successful forum.

Ortom said that adequate arrangements had been made to ensure high level of security at the airports to receive delegates, adding that all were present at the airports.

“We have received matching orders from Mr to ensure that we have a hitch free World Economy Forum.

“We are proud of what we have achieved at the airports and we look forward that there is going to be a hitch free as far as we are concerned the aviation industry.

team has done a fantastic work based on the map we have for the world economy forum.

“Everything is in place, where there are or two minor adjustments they be rectified before Wednesday,’’ he said.

Speaking on power supply, Ortom said that the minister of power had assured of dedicated power supply to the airports.

“ We have adequately provided alternatives by providing generators that can contain the whole airports, especially in Abuja and where we be receiving these delegates.

In a related development, Ortom said that the merger of the agencies in the aviation industry done in good faith.

“Oransaye committee comes out with far reaching recommendations after making consultations and the government takes time to look at the recommendations and produce a white paper.’’

He said that government still looking at the recommendation, adding that a committee had been put in place for its implementation.

“I’m aware that where there are superior arguments, where we can make amendments, this be done, so there is no cause for alarm as far as I am concerned.

“Where people have genuine presentations, the ministry is still opened to receive such presentations and we will forward them,’’ he said. (NAN