Jos: Hospital wants boy who collapsed after seven days without food adopted

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Authorities in Plateau State Godfrey Santhus, 11, adopted after collapsing for staying seven days without food.

Godfrey was picked unconscious from a hidden veranda in Dadin Kowa, a suburb in Jos, Thursday morning by vigilante officials.

He was rushed to Dadin Kowa General hospital and placed on drips and oxygen support machine till Friday morning when he regained consciousness.

Godfrey who was in Jos for the first time told hospital officials he was brought and abandoned in the streets by his now vanished elder brother.

Identified as Nangwang, Godfrey’s brother, last week Thursday brought him from Shishiri village in Langtang North Local Government Area a promise to take him to his divorced mother in Abuja.

Nangwang however disappeared few hours later leaving Godfrey stranded after a disagreement.

As the Plateau State lockdown started midnight, same day, Godfrey was left to roam from street to street no one in sight to beg for food or shelter.

Sources say Godfrey has been of school for long due to lack of funds.

His father, a poor rural farmer is said to be battling a terminal illness and is currently on admission in a yet to be identified hospital in Jos.

Godfrey’s meals and bills were paid by the Vigilante Officials found him, but he doesn’t want to go back home.

“I wanted to go and beg my mother for help because at home, we hardly see food to eat and since my father was admitted, everything became worse,” he said.

The hospital management also disagreed him being taken back home as initially contemplated.

“We want someone responsible to take and care for him; if possible, sponsor him in school. Him going back home might still expose him to the same situation he found himself here, if not worse,” said an official who preferred to remain anonymous.

As of Thursday evening, the Plateau State Commissioner of Women Affairs, Mrs. Becky Sambo had indicated interest in the boy.

She was however held up by pressing official engagements and could not make it to the hospital.

An elderly and a Pastor however came seeking to adopt young Godfrey.

The hospital released him to the vigilante officials who are expected to handle further discussions on his welfare.

The State Women Affairs Ministry is however expected to approve the adoption when decided.

Mrs. Sambo, the Ministry’s Commissioner is expected to meet the boy, the vigilante officials and those interested in adopting him, Saturday.

Source: MK-Reporters