Journalist denies being husband snatcher, says NUJ president is behind petition against her

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A journalist, Chibota Edozie, has faulted petition threat life made against her by Onyinye Vivian Obi, the wife of another journalist, Petrus Obi, to the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

Recall that The Eagle Online had earlier reported that Obi petitioned the Office of the Inspector General Police concerning an alleged threat her life by Petrus, her husband, and, Edozie whom she described as her husband’s mistress.

Reacting to the report, Edozie in a letter to the Editor-in-Chief of The Eagle Online Monday, stated that the allegations are “absolute falsehood”.

In the letter, dated December 21, 2020, entitled: “RE: PURPORTED PETITION ALLEGED THREAT TO LIFE,” Edochie stated that she has never interacted physically or by phone with Obi in the last one year.

She said: “My attention has been drawn to a petition, purportedly written by one Mrs Vivian Obi, wife of Mr Petrus Obi, Vice President, (South East), Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), where she made a number of allegations against my person, including romantic dalliance with her husband and threat to her life and l wish to tentatively respond as follows:

“1. The allegations are ABSOLUTE FALSEHOOD. I have never interacted physically or by phone with this in the last one year. So, what basis would there be threat to life?

“2. Myself and Mr Petrus Obi are only professional colleagues and belong to the same political camp in the NUJ politics.

“There is ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH in the allegation of romantic relationship between us.

“3. There are two camps in the South East NUJ crisis – the camp of the NUJ president, Chris Isiguzo, and our camp.

“Myself and Petrus Obi are the arrowheads of our camp.

“We are in the forefront of our allegations of serial certificate forgeries perpetrated by Chris Isiguzo, culminating in my petition to the Independent Corrupt practices Commission (ICPC).

“The ICPC is about charging him to court and he had sent several emissaries to me to withdraw the petition but l refused.

“His only weapon now is to use the wife of Petrus as a pawn by lying to her that I’m dating her husband.

“This allegation has been for almost three years. Isiguzo had used his minions in his group to malign me with this same false allegations of dating Petrus Obi, in some funny online South East media.

“4. Consequently, in 2018, l instituted a defamation suit against these people which is still currently pending at High court.

“5. Early this year, they equally used another medium to publish the same silly allegations. This time, through my lawyer, l made a criminal complaint against them to the Inspector General of police and the investigation was still being handled by his IRT team, with the invitation of the suspects.

“6. So, since l have refused to yield to his entreaties to withdraw my petition at the ICPC against him, Isiguzo has resorted to using Petrus Obi’s wife with this spurious and totally baseless allegations, without her knowing that she is being used as a pawn in an NUJ political chess game.

“7. Anyone who read her petition would see the hands of Esau and the voice of Jacob in the way she attacked me in her so-called petition for fighting Isiguzo.