Kaduna church bombing suspect told us his name was Mohammed, not Samuel – CAN chairman

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KADUNA – The Chairman the Association Kaduna State, Rev. John Hayab, has said the bombing suspect arrested while attempting blow up a Winners’ Chapel parish Kaduna State on Sunday identified himself as Mohammed Sani when he apprehended by the .
Hayab said this an interview The PUNCH on Monday.

He said it after the handed the suspect over the that name suddenly changed Samuel Nathaniel.
He, therefore, said there a need for the matter be thoroughly investigated.
He told The PUNCH: “The was in session when the young came in, dropped bag and exited as if he was going to the toilet, but didn’t come back in time.
“Some church members became suspicious.
“The church had put security measures in place such that they monitor everything going on in the church and they even have CCTV cameras.
“They discovered that what was in the bag looked like explosives, so they called the .
“Let me state clearly that it was not the that arrested him.
“It was the church that arrested him and then handed him over to the police.
“The police came to pick him up at the church.
“At the time he was interrogated at the church, he told the church that name was Mohammed Sani, but when he was handed over to the police, the police told everyone that name was Samuel Nathaniel.”
Hayab said the mix-up in the name the suspect had further given credence to the claims by the that remained a terrorist-prone country because of a lack of database.

He said the religion which the suspect practises should not be the focus of discussions but the act of terrorism.
The cleric said the police had failed to effectively investigate and profile suspects, adding that a few weeks ago, the also arrested a hoodlum and erroneously paraded him as a pastor.
He told The PUNCH: “This incident justifies the US’ decision to place visa restrictions on Nigerians.
“The US Government told us that one of the reasons for the visa ban was that does not do proper background checks on people.
“So, a criminal can go to one part of Kaduna and bear John, travel to another part of the state and bear Abdullahi or Oluwole or Emeka and nobody know.
“So, let us stop focusing on his name but his crime.
“A criminal is a criminal.
“There are now two versions, one from the church and one from the police.
“I don’t care what his name is.
“All I know is that a criminal wanted to blow up a church and kill people.
“The police should find out who his sponsors are and not play politics names.
“Last week, a was paraded by the police for faking his kidnap and identified as a pastor, only for us to find out he was never a pastor.”
Hayab said there were bearing Muslim names and vice versa.
He said: “I know that bear Paul, I know that bear Mohammed.
“Our CAN chairman in Borno State is Mohammed Laga.
“I have a cousin that bears Mohammed Paul.
“So, let us not focus on the name but on the act of terrorism.”
Hayab said it was curious that the attempted bombing took place at the same time CAN’s rally against terrorism was taking place.
He said the church would not be intimidated by anyone.