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Kaduna Villager Who Lost 3 Kids To Banditry Kills Bandits’ Leader


KADUNA- A Kaduna villager, whose identity is not revealed, has engaged bandits who attacked him on his farm, killing the leader of the gang during a recent confrontation in Kaduna State.

The confrontation took place when the bandits returned to the community to abduct the farmer after killing his children months ago.

The farmer, who was working on his farm alongside one of his sons, was confronted by the bandits who tried to abduct him and his son but refused to comply with their demands.

Wizi, the notorious leader of the bandits who had been causing terror in the community, ordered one of his men to shoot the villager, but the shot missed and hit the man’s son in the leg.

A reliable source, who is a community leader in the area but preferred to remain anonymous, confirmed the incident.

He said “As the son lay injured on the ground, the bandit attempted to stab him with a machete. In a courageous act to protect his son, the father fought back.

“He (father) managed to wrestle the gun away from Wizi, prompting the other bandits to flee in fear. The fight escalated, resulting in Wizi getting shot by the villager,” the source said.

The source attested to the father’s bold actions and recounted the events that transpired, highlighting the villager’s unwavering resolve to protect his family.

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