Kannywood’s Adam Zango battles people who insult his mum


Aisha Ahmed

Kano – Famous Kannywood actor Adam Zango has drawn a battle line with whoever abuse or insult his mother in and outside the industry, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)  reports.

Zango posted on his Instagram page adam_a_zango, “A mother isn’t better than a mother, and since you made your boys insult my mother, I will surely insult yours too. I waited to see your reaction to what your boys did but there was none.”

In the post, the actor and industry’s famous singer, Zango tagged Ali Nuhu and that triggered a lot of suspicion as to whether Zango was referring to Ali Nuhu in particular or not.

In another post,  the actor wrote, “I have made a screen shot of every insult you made to me and I shall respond to anyone, then we will see who is more disrespectful in Kannywood. ”

The actor further revealed that he has no supporter in the industry due to his bad habits and disregard for upcoming artistes.

Earlier,  Zango posted a video of two Kannywood producers Aminu Bala and Kawu Kamfa,  insulting someone whose name they never mentioned.

The video showed the two of them sitting close to each other and Aminu was warning someone that he was superior too saying that he respects his mother.

Kamfa then interrupted saying that the person they were referring to had no regard for his mother, whose call he hardly picks.

NAN reports that last year, such confrontation on social media between Ali Nuhu and Adam Zango became famous.

The confrontation ended when Nuhu called on his supporters in and outside the industry to avoid engaging in any grudges between him and any Kannywood actor.(NAN)

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