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Kenya’s $3.5bn railway project could spark employment boom

Kenya’s $3.5bn railway project could spark employment boomSince the signing of the Sh314.2 billion ($3.5 billion) deal with China for the construction of the Mombasa‐Nairobi railway in May, up to 2,400 Kenyans have already been hired for the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway – the first phase of the railway construction. Up to 30,000 workers are expected to be employed eventually.
Wen Gang, Assistant President of China Communications & Construction Company, disclosed this to President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier this week. He also revealed that some 87 construction teams from China are on ground in Kenya with over 2,000 pieces of equipment all in a bid to ensure the construction is fully initialized by September.
The Chinese construction company, according to Gang, will impart skills and transfer technology to the locals so as to help the country in the manufacture of components for the project locally.[eap_ad_2]
Speaking in the State House in Nairobi, Mr Gang said; “We will continue recruiting local people to impart skills and also ensure transfer of technology, we will also continue engaging local suppliers especially from county governments to maximize on the Chinese experts.”
President Kenyatta expressed his satisfaction over the Chinese company’s close collaboration with the county governments in the implementation of the project. While reiterating the commitment of the government to completing the project on time, he also indicated that the project will secure the establishment of the Kenyan steel industry. “We will always welcome projects that accelerate economic growth to create jobs for young Kenyans,” the President said.
The SGR is to cover a 609.3km distance from the port of Mombasa to Nairobi. At an earlier televised interview, President Kenyatta had revealed that the first phase of the project will promote regional integration by linking Kenya and other Eastern African counterparts, and should be concluded in 2018. The railway will provide cost effective transportation for freight and passengers, thereby reducing the cost of doing business in Kenya.  (VENTURES AFRICA)[eap_ad_3]
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