Killer herdsman sentenced to death over 5-year-old son

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A Fulani herdsman Bappa Alti has been to death by hanging in Adamawa State.

The 24-year-old cattle rearer was to death by hanging by the Adamawa State sitting in Yola, for killing his five-year-old for a reward of N1m.

The State VII presided over by Justice Fatima Ahmed Tafida, convicted Bappa for causing the death of his by hitting him a rearing stick and thereafter chopping his head a cutlass.

The lured his , Buba, to the farm on July 13, 2013 in Ganji suburb of Gombi Local Government of Adamawa State and beheaded him.

When the ’s father, Alhaji Guza enquired the whereabouts of his grandson, Bappa told him that he left the child behind in the farm and he would later.

Days rolled by and the boy did not the farm which made Alhaji Guza to lodge a complaint at the Gombi divisional police station where a search party was commissioned.

The search led to the discovery of the beheaded decomposing body of Buba a tree in the farm covered leaves. Baffa was later arrested and on interrogation, he claimed that one Alhaji Sange Hassan, told him to bring a human head for N1 million.

He confessed to committing the act, saying he intended using the to raise the status of his father, mother and his family. Alhaji Hassan, however, denied the allegation, insisting that it was a up aimed at blackmailing his person. (Daily Independent)