Killing of Navy Commander Ogundana: Military police arrests 2 soldiers •Where the crime was planned

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L-R: Late Navy Commander Oluyemisi Ogundana, principal suspect Bernard Simon and the well into which Mrs. Ogundana’s lifeless body was thrown 

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ABUJA – Two soldiers have been arrested by Military Police in connection with the recent gruesome murder of the Commandant of Armed Forces Command and Staff College Secondary School in Jaji, Kaduna, Navy Commander Oluyemisi Ogundana.

The offence of the soldiers, according to an update on the matter published this morning by The Nation, is that they facilitated the sale of her vehicle which was stolen by the principal suspect, Bernard Simon, after killing her following her role in his sack as secretary of the school’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA) on account of his dishonesty.

Simon, a teacher in the school, was said to have returned to Commander Ogundana’s residence a day after killing her and disposing off her body to steal her property but could not find the original copies of her vehicle particulars to aid its sale, which prompted his hiring the two soldiers to stand as guarantors that the vehicle was genuine.

“After they killed her, they went away with her car but the man came back to her apartment on Saturday and ransacked it. He was looking for the original vehicle documents to ease the sale but it seems he could not get it. Then, he went and got two soldiers to assure buyers that the vehicle was not stolen and it was genuine.

“The soldiers claimed that they did not know the vehicle belonged to the commander and that they did not know anything had happened to her. They have been arrested by the military police because what they did was even illegal,” TheNation quoted a source as saying.

The paper also revealed that Simon allegedly planned the murder from a neighbourhood church where he was residing days before he allegedly executed the evil act.

Simon, a native of Kogi State, was reportedly evicted from his residence by his unnamed landlady who had allegedly expressed displeasure over his behaviour.

“He is the general secretary of the church and when his landlady sent him packing, he moved his things to the church. He was actually staying in the church at the time he planned and killed her. It is suspected that he killed her on Friday night.

“He tore her net to gain entry into the passage and then to her garage. It is suspected he ambushed her at the garage because that place is inner garage and a bit dark,” a source was quoted as saying.

The paper said it gathered that after killing Commander (Mrs.) Ogundana, mutilating her body with the help of his nephew, Ibrahim Momoh, which they dumped inside a well near a church inside the cantonment, Simon returned to her home the following day to steal her belongings including a laptop, money and other valuables.

It was gathered that investigators took the suspect to the church where most of Commander Ogundana’s items were found. Her laptop was said to have been recovered from Momoh’s wife, who allegedly confessed that the duo gave it to her.

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