Kings’ College principal seeks inclusion of qualified personnel to handle new curriculum on trade subjects

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LAGOS – The Principal King’s , Lagos, Mr Oladele Olapeju, on Tuesday called for the inclusion qualified personnel to handle the new curriculum on trade subjects Unity .

Olapeju told the News Agency (NAN) Lagos that the objectives the trade curriculum would be fully realised without qualified teaching personnel.

He said that despite the recruitment new teachers by the , manpower shortage still existed in the in English, Mathematics, Sciences, and Entrepreneurial subjects.

“I will like to, however, commend the -led administration’s efforts at deploying all available resources to transform the education sector.

“We have seen the change this has brought to the sector, especially our Unity Colleges across board.[eap_ad_2]

“As much as we welcome fresh initiatives by government to drive academic excellence and to encourage entrepreneurial development among our students, there is to equally put matching infrastructure on ground.

“This will ensure that the student will come an all-round person fully equipped and ready to face the challenges of life at any given situation,’’ he said. Olapeju said the inclusion of such professionals in the execution of the trade curriculum would enhance national development and enable students to compete favourably with their peers globally.

He said that principals of Unity Colleges in the South-West had resolved recently, at a four-day retreat in , to provide quality education to youths to enhance national unity and excellence. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]