Kurdish leader: Iraq should be divided into autonomous area

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ISTANBUL – Nechirvan Barzani, the prime minister of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region, said Tuesday that the Sunni’s in Iraq be allowed to form their separate autonomuos region.

“The best way is to have a Sunni region, like what we have in Kurdistan,’’ he told the BBC after slamming the Shiite-led government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Malkiki for exclusionary policies which are making Sunnis “feel neglected.’’

“There is no trust right ,’’ Barzani said about Maliki’s relations the country’s key ethnic and religious groups, while stressing the need for a political solution to the crisis.

“If we think Iraq will go back like before Mosul, then it is almost impossible,’’ he said.

He added that his Kurdish Peshmerga military forces would not aim to retake the country’s city. (dpa/NAN)