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Lack of research hinders bumper production of honey – Association


Abuja –  Mr Ojeleye Bidemi, National President,
Federation of Beekeepers Association of Nigeria, has attributed low
honey production in the country to lack of research.

Bidemi told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that research on
beekeeping had been neglected for a long time.

He said that research would enable Nigerians to know more about
honeybee health, breeding, behaviour and sustainable management
of alternative pollinators.

“The benefits of the bees’ products are honey; pollen, royal jelly,
and propolis have been a part of health remedies for centuries.

“Honey and propolisa (sticky resinous material that bees collect
from trees and plants) have significant antibacterial qualities.

“Also agriculture has recognised the value of pollination by bees.
Without the bees’ help, many commercial crops will suffer serious

“Bee products are used as raw materials for production of medicine,
cosmetics and lost wax casting.

“Beekeeping generates income without destroying the habitat, while
bees do not compete with any other livestock for food,’’
Bidemi said.

He said other challenges faced by the industry were stealing of hive
products like honey, vandalism of hives, access to funding
and low interest loans.

Bidemi said that the beekeeping industry did not have a national policy
on the vocation which made it “ an all comers affairs and this is
hazardous to the business’’.

“ Another militating factor to the growth of the venture is non
availability of extension services to cascade latest technology to our
farmers for the improved and high productive yield,’’ he said.

He added that beekeeping had contributed immensely in the provision of
foods on people’s tables through pollinating activities and the
conservation of the environment.

According to him, it is a known fact that agricultural growth and crop
productivity largely depend on bee pollination services that had
ecological and agricultural values.

He commended the government for the immense support given to
agriculture in Nigeria and some development organisations.

Bidemi commended some states governments for offering land allocation
for beekeeping activities to encourage the farmers who did not have
farmland or those interested in commercial beekeeping venture.

According to him, other areas where the association enjoy government
intervention are training and retraining in some key areas that would
help to improve the quality of the management practices and the

Bidemi said that Nigerian honey was in a vantage position of
exportable commodity.

“Our honey is one of the best in the world in the sense that it comes
from clean environment, free from pesticides residue and wide varieties
of mellifluous plants. All these account for the superlative taste,’’
he said.(NAN)

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