Lack of rest can cause bad breath — Expert

ABUJA – Dr Machu Abraham, Managing Director of a private Oral and Medical Care outfit, said on Wednesday  that resting during working hours could help prevent bad breath.

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Abraham, who said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, added that carrying out regular checks at the dentist could also help prevent bad breath. “If you don’t rest or go for a vacation, your body system will fail, and once your body system starts failing, with age, of course those things (bad breath) will come.

“So, to chief executives, it is very important; don’t over-work yourselves and have a rest no matter the nature of your work.

“So, for the mouth, you go to the dentist, there are some debris that would irritate the gum, if you go, the dentist will tell you whether it (bad breath) is from the mouth or from the inside.

“Once it is clear that it is from the mouth, you do the cleaning; we advise that you do it every six months; you will be okay with that.“ [eap_ad_1] According to Abraham, although diabetes, ulcer, and infection of the tonsil can cause bad breathe, it (bad breath) is curable.

“There is the systemic one (bad breathe) that is inside; this one is mostly with diseased people, people with diabetes, ulcer, and those that have infection in the tonsil; they can have bad breath.

“If you come to the dental office, if we check and the thing is not there, we refer you to the medical section.

“They will now take over because if you have an infection in the tonsil and it is not treated, it is going to ooze out bad breath.

“Because of the drugs diabetics take and because of the things that are happening in the body system, you can have bad breath.

“Ulcer patients too, there is a wound deep inside your system; nobody is seeing it, but it is there; so, if it is a chronic one, it can ooze out breath.

“So, basically if you come, you treat the dental one first.“

Abraham, therefore, encouraged Nigerians to seek medical attention for any health condition, including bad breath. (NAN)


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