Ladies who rejected me are now regretting – Josh2Funny reveals, speaks on success of #Don’tLeaveMe challenge

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Comedian and Instagram personality, Chibuike Alfred, better known as Josh2funny, is a happy at the moment. This is as a result of the recognition recorded by his #Don’tLeaveMe. The challenge has incredibly garnered foreign recognition.

Even Hollywood stars took part in the #Don’tLeaveMe challenge inspired by a skit where he punned around with the word ‘leaf’ with the help of hype Bello Kreb.

The comedian told Sunday Scoop seeing story on foreign news media such as CNN and The Guardian was not only overwhelming but mind-blowing.

He said, “The home and international recognition #Don’tleavemechallenge has gained so far makes me feel very good. This is the reason we work so hard― so people all over the world can see what we do. It’s just pure fulfilment when these things happen. The #Don’tleavemechallenge is turning into a ‘culture’ right now. For now, we’re trying to make use of the exposure to sell #Don’tleaveme merch, Ankara, shirts, caps etc which is making good sales. Some brands have also been in talks with us and we’re hoping that good thing comes out of it.

‘’ have created many trends in the past but I don’t understand why this favoured me. I just do my skits with all my heart and I think God crowns my effort. There’re a lot of hardworking/talented comedians but there is just this thing that makes my skits go viral that I don’t understand. However, I think it’s my mother’s prayer that’s at work. I think some of the factors that has helped me is my background, the kind of music I was exposed to and some other things.

‘’It’s mind-blowing and overwhelming to see my story on foreign new sites because this is what have been praying for. It’s an encouragement that I have to keep putting in my best because anything can happen unexpectedly.’’

The 29 year also revealed that ladies who had turned him down when he was struggling regret their decisions. He said, “Some ladies left me because they didn’t believe in me. They just didn’t see light on the path was threading. But I went all out for my career. Some of the ladies are regretting now, even though I’m not still big. I have been able to get here through the prayers of my family and people such as Koffi the Guru and comedian, Woli Arole, who helped me and touched my life in different ways.’’