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Lady Flaunts Her 3 Husbands On Social Media (Video)


A TikTok user has left tongues wagging on social media after showing off her three husbands.

The woman took to her TikTok page to share videos of herself and her husbands at a supermarket and at home.

According to her, it is possible to be married to different men and be happy.

She wrote: “The gag is that men actually get along in spite of what the relationship turns out to be.”

She added: “Happy with whoever and how many they want.”

Mixed Reactions, however, continue to trail her videos as many social media users wonder how she has been able to cope with the three happy-looking men.

@thefrestt said: “Oh my God, how is this even possible.”

@Godesss said, “I am surprised, this lady de try abeg.

Watch video below:


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