Lagos Sex workers scramble for disable men

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There are strong indications that commercial sex workers have shifted target to physically challenged because of the high price they for sex state southwest Nigeria.

Consequently, there has been a scramble for the physically challenged patrons by sex workers various brothels across the state.

Sex workers told correspondent that such well for , noting that, living with disability respect and understand the sacrifices they render by accepting to have sex with them carefully. They also respect profession.

“They compliment efforts by paying higher fee for to them,” a sex worker said.

A visit to some brothels located on Agege, Idimu, Ikotun Mushin and Isolo, revealed that their experiences was different from each other.

At Pen-Cinema Agege, investigation revealed that a round of sex goes between N500 to N1000 for able-bodied , while disable as high as N2,500 and N3000. While those wish to sleep till the next day otherwise known as “Day Break”, pays between N5,000 to N7,000.

At Idimu and Ikotun, able-bodied men pay between N700 and N1000 while men living with disability pay between N2000 and N2,500 only.
At Mushin and Isolo area, the are a bit high as sex workers charge between N3,000 and N4,000 for physically challenged men while able-bodied men pay between N500 and N1000.

Some sex workers spoke to correspondent confirmed the and explained that they are in the to make and would give their to the highest bidder.

A sex worker, did not want to be named, said at first not all sex workers allowed men with disability to use their services but that their mentality changed with . “It turned out to be a big and now we scramble for them.”

She also revealed that there was nothing wrong with their manhood except that physical appearance which is not hindrance to their sexual ability.

“The only disadvantage they have is their physical appearance, they can have sex and sometimes they are even stronger because they usually have big chests,” she explained.

On how they cope with from able-bodied men who are also their customers, she explained that the disabled are patient and they understand their condition and are not willing to compete with normal .

She said that they usually come early in the morning and late at night. “Sometimes they sleep over night in our rooms,” she explained.

When our reporter spoke to some men living with disability, who are mainly beggars, they confirmed the and said that they have now overcome the challenge in as they (sex workers) now accept them as sex partners.

One of them said, initially, it was difficult and they have to contact an agent to negotiate. “That meant that we had to pay an extra fee but all that changed because they discovered that we make better offer for sex.” (PM News)[eap_ad_3]