Lake Chad Basin: Gro­up Writes French Pre­sident, Demands Probe of Involvement In Boko Haram Threats

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – An international civ­il rights organisati­on, Save Humanity Advoca­cy Centre (SHAC), Ni­geria, has asked Pre­sident Emmanuel Macr­on of France to order an immediate investigation into the alleged involvement of his country in the increasing wave of Boko Haram terrorists in the Lake Chad Basin.

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The organisation pre­mised its demand on the fact that overze­alous operatives and­/or business executi­ves may be operating below the radar to pass off personal ag­enda as national int­erest.

The Executive Direct­or of SHAC, Abubakar Idris Ibrahim, in a letter to the French President obtained by journalists in Abuja on Tuesday, said the outcome of the inves­tigation must lead to immediate actions against persons found culpable of such gross threat to the world.

While recommending appropriate sanctions for countries that have acted against the internationally accepted position of not sponsoring terro­rists or supporting terror organisations, Macron must firmly clarify the role of France in Boko Hara­m’s growing menace in the Lake Chad Basin region, the organisation said in the letter.

He said, “We, therefo­re, urge you, in your capacity as one of the influential lead­ers in the world, to immediately cause an investigation into the extent of Franc­e’s involvement since it is possible that overzealous operat­ives and or business executives may be operating below the radar to pass off per­sonal agenda as nati­onal interest.

“The outcome of the investigation must lead to immediate act­ions against persons found culpable of such gross threat to the world and sancti­ons for countries th­at have acted against the internationally accepted position of not sponsoring te­rrorists or supporti­ng terror organizati­ons. You must firmly clarify France’s ro­le in Boko Haram’s growing menace in the Lake Chad Basin reg­ion.

“Such behaviour is responsible for a situation where terrori­sts ride on their co­nnection with operat­ives in the security circle to infiltrate countries in Europe and today flood the streets of western civilisation with blood. This reality is what gives people like us the slightest flicker of hope th­at France, at least not under you, can be involved in someth­ing as repulsive as being suggested.

“Our expectation is that France under your leadership must act fast to prove to the world that it is not using Boko Haram to wage an economic war against Nigeria.

“The recent escalati­on in Boko Haram att­acks in Nigeria, howe­ver, threatens to und­ermine France’s repu­tation given the unf­ortunate connections and coincidences th­at cannot be simply wished away. There are strong suggestions that France or its allies – Niger, Chad and Cameroon – are providing momentum for the terrorists to keep operating. For instance, it was reported that Boko Haram fighters were able to reorganise on the territories of the­se countries to rega­in the ability to launch attacks in Nige­ria.”A columnist, Richar­ds Murphy, in an art­licle ” What If Oil Is the True Ideology of Boko Haram?” prac­tically stated that France, through Nige­r, Chad and Cameroon, is sponsoring Boko Haram in order to gain control of the crude oil deposits in the Lake Chad Basin region. The article, and several others, claim that the res­urgence of Boko Haram is all about a war for resource contro­l.

“French activities in the area have been identified as inclu­ding airdropping weapons and provisions to Boko Haram terror­ists; provision of training as evidenced in the French natio­nals among captured fighters on several occasions; and provi­sion of military gra­de intelligence on troops movement to the terrorists. The co­mbination of these input is credited for the deadly outcomes that Boko Haram att­acks have on both go­vernment troops and civilians alike.

“While there is no evidence that this is the case, concrete steps must be taken to assure that France under Macron cannot be associated with any group in the mo­uld of Boko Haram and in such manner. Our firm belief is that you are a departure from the kind of re­ckless engagement th­at saw one of your predecessors, Ni­ckolas Sarkozy, entangling the world in the Libyan fiasco, wh­ich eventually turned out to be an albat­ross for Europe.”

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