Lawyer decries reckless sale of pornographic materials in Nigeria

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LAGOS – Mr Sonnie Ekwowusi, the Founder, Project for Human Development (PHD), has decried the reckless distribution and sale of pornographic materials on the streets.

Ekwowusi, who is also a legal practitioner, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Lagos that reckless sale or distribution of pornography materials was criminal.

According to him, the materials offend the morals of most members of the public.

“Many of these offences that are being committed are punishable the Criminal Code, but unfortunately we lack the political to get people prosecuted under the Criminal Code.

“Even the policemen who are supposed to prosecute are not interested and that is a big tragedy.

“The Criminal Code contains a section that outlaws obscenity, that is hawking of obscene photographs and obscene materials.

“All over the place, these materials are being hawked and children who are going or coming back from school come across these materials and they make use of them.
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“Can’t the go after these people who are hawking these materials, arrest them and prosecute them? But they are not doing that. This has been going on over the years.

“So, we to raise awareness of the members of the public that these people, who are hawking or selling all these obscene pornographic materials, that they are doing something wrong.

“The law also allows members of the public to alert the public on these things, because these are all crimes that are punishable under the Criminal Code.

“The day Nigeria will wake up and start prosecuting the people who are doing these, then we would have reached the zenith of our civilization. Right now, we are not doing anything.

“In other countries, they do not do that.’’

Ekwowusi the police to be proactive in the arrest and prosecution of offenders, while urging a review of the Criminal Code Act for stiffer penalty to serve as deterrent and to curb the menace.

NAN reports that Chapter 21a, Section 233 (B,C and D) of the Criminal Code Act 2004, entitled “Obscene Publications’’, prohibits the sale, distribution and publication of obscene materials in the country.

According to the Act, the offence is punishable on conviction by a fine of N400 or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both. (NAN)
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