Laycon, Erica’s reunion sets tongues wagging

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Winner of the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition Olamilekan Agbelesebioba, popularly known as Laycon and disqualified ex-housemate Erica Nlewedim have finally met together after the reality show.

The Nation had reported the duo had an altercation while were in the House.

Erica described Laycon as ugly while calling him many unprintable names.

Erica fumed against Laycon for deciding stay mum on the kiss allegation laid against him by host, Ebuka.

Dorathy Bachor, who turned 25 on November 4, was gifted with a Mercedes Benz.

In a viral video, Erica who attended the birthday party, walked in and went straight Dorathy and was seen chatting and embracing her.
Laycon, who was seated very close the ladies, was seen stealing a long glance at Erica.

Many fans have taken social media to react to the trending video.

@bluegirlolu tweeted: “That video clearly shows that Erica still has beefs with Laycon and he doesn’t want reciprocate the same energy, she acted like she did not see Laycon, which is clearly impossible.”

@mroscarromero said: “I don’t get why people are saying Erica ignored Laycon. She was greeting Dorathy and giving her all the attention as the celebrant.

“The camera was on them and anybody in that room would have been admiring the two ladies. But because Laycon was in the frame, agenda must agenda. Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes.”

@dahtgirl_ajex said: “Why are you guys dragging Laycon and Erica? I even think say the guy talk her, she come snub am but guy was just smiling at Dorathy and Erica. So what’s the dragging about abi person no fit smile again?”

@bevtweets_ said: “Lol the only reason that video is going viral is cos Laycon was happy see Erica which is not a bad thing he genuinely likes her so?

“Still doesn’t change the fact that Erica has the most delusional fan base and she was kicked out of the reality tv show that Laycon won.”

@lizzygifty said: “It’s expected Erica acts like that. That is the script she was given by her management. She has continue the beef with Laycon in order to remain relevant and it’s understandable and I trust Presido Green heart+Electric light bulb always. Omo ologo forever.”

@kenduma1: “I don’t understand why you people are making issues out of nothing. Laycon and Erica didn’t greet each other, so what’s the problem?? Why are you guys criticizing the babe??”

@heyitsrubi_red said: “First off, watching that video made me cringe so hard. That fake ass smile someone was giving Expressionless face Laycon was probably looking because he has not seen Erica since that incident and since they both claim they have move passed that, at least someone could’ve said hi..”

@chidondollars said: “The truth is Erica and Laycon aren’t in the same class. One is a celebrity before the house and one just become a celebrity after the house. Where Erica had been is where Laycon is going.”

@bucki_e said: “Let’s be honest Erica kinda lost relevance.. like badly.. so this issue with Laycon kinda revived her.. atleast till she wins something big.. for now either Kidd or Laycon remains her clout and even Kidd is barely relevant Weary face.. must hurt.”