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‘Lifeless’ Statement: Group Says Trump Unsafe in Nigeria, Urges Buhari To Cancel Reciprocal Visit


ABUJA (Sundiata Post)     –   A civil rights organisation under the aegis of Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CMN), on Wednesday warned President Muhammadu Buhari to cancel any reciprocal visit by President Donald Trump of United States that might have been planned or suggested in connection with his visit to America in April.

According to the organisation, the advice became necessary because the safety of US President could no longer be guaranteed in Nigeria following the diplomatic gaffe in which Trump said, he never wanted to meet someone so lifeless again, ostensibly after an April 2018 meeting with Buhari in Washington.

The national secretary of CMN, Rev. Samson Onwu, in a statement issued in Jos, also said Trump was envious of Buhari and his exploits in dealing with the menace of Boko Haram insurgents in the North East.

He said, “We must therefore collectively rise up and send a message that we live in a new Greater Nigeria that is rising from the ashes of the profiteering activities of vampirism symbolized by people like Trump and his Nigerian associates that are hailing his insult as gospel – even more injurious insults from Trump will not make Nigerians change their minds about keeping known thieves and corrupt people away from public office.

“There is no amount of their celebrating the insult that will make Nigerians lose faith in Nigeria being revived by President Buhari. In the meantime, we urge President Buhari to cancel any reciprocal visit by Donald Trump that might have been planned or suggested in connection with the April visit. If Trump has proven to be such a horrible host then he will turn out to be more terrible as a guest.

“We hope that the Presidency will strongly consider this because Donald Trump is not welcome in Nigeria as things stand knowing the impression he has about our country.

“It has been muted in several circles how the US has been a factor in the ascendancy of Boko Haram and block arms sales to Nigeria to ensure that the group grows more powerful. The fact that President Buhari successfully led the Nigerian military to halt the group from growing at the rate projected by its owners must be something that rubs Trump the wrong way because Mr. President performed this feat under his watch, effectively destroying the myth of America being able to destabilize any country of its choice with a flick of the finger.”

Onwu regretted that “the unnecessary distraction” was coming from an otherwise responsible institution in the office of the President of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, he said, that office is currently occupied by Donald Trump, “who has outdone even his own self in sinking to unthinkable depths in causing moral outrage across the world.”

The CMN said, “The report was no surprise knowing Trump’s antecedents as an impulsive-compulsive liar. We categorically state this because the same pervert was beaming at the press conference after the meeting and he declared to the whole world that President Buhari is doing a great work in tackling corruption and security issues in Nigeria.

“If he truly made the utterances credited to him, then it is most unfortunate for such behaviour can only have been driven by a deep seated jealousy occasioned by the realization that he will never, even at the highest point of his life, become half the man that President Buhari is and certainly nowhere near his quality as a leader.

“We understand that some people have been brainwashed to the point that if they are handed packaged effluent they will gulp it once they are told it is American but we know differently that Trump being the President of the United States does not place him at any vantage position to be the ultimate judge in the personality of another world leader.

“It is sad that Trump is unhappy that an African country finally has a leader that is setting his country on the path for greatness at a time when he is superintending the decline of the United States, not just in terms of its spiralling infrastructure deficit that it cannot afford to raise the $4 trillion to fix, but also the democratic fabric of that country, which Trump is helping degrade faster than would have naturally occurred.”

The organisation commiserated with Nigerians who think the situation was one from which they could accumulate political capital by using the Trump’s indiscretion as campaign bait.

Onwu said, “Anyone that is shallow enough to think that Trump did them a favour by insulting the President have missed the point. It is not Buhari that the US President holds in disdain but every Nigerian. To accept that label from Trump because it suits a desired political narrative is to ridicule the entire country for a fleeting gain.

“All patriots and right  thinking people will readily appreciate how painful it is for Donald Trump to see President Buhari removing Nigeria from the shackles of foreign domination at a time when he is parcelling out the United States to Russia and President Vladimir Putin by instalments.

“Where President Buhari loves his country to a point that he will make sacrifices, Trump hates his own nation enough to invite Russians to undermine its elections, a key pillar in its democracy.”

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