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Liquorose weeps, laments constant heartbreaks


Liquorose, following the final Saturday party in the BBNaija season six house, has lamented to Emmanuel she is tired of falling in love.

The dancer, who was suspected to have had a little more than she could handle at the party and emerged in the House drunk, claimed to be tired of falling in love because every guy she had been in love with took something away from her whenever they left.

Emmanuel, after some pointless banters, had taken her to the bedroom where she sobbed profusely in front of the mirror while the first Nigerian to win the Mister Africa pageant consoled her from behind.

While weeping, she spoke about heartbreak and how she often suffered it because she always gave her all despite warnings from her brother.

Emmanuel tried consoling her by telling her she was strong but this didn’t help as she claimed she was indeed strong physically but no one cares about what’s inside.

She also spoke about her fear of doing music because people had told her that she couldn’t do it.

This led to more tears but Emmanuel was there for her through it all.

They went on to discuss light-hearted topics like Liquorose’s crush list, and then she started to smile which overwhelmed the tears.

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