London court slams perpetual injunction on woman ‘defaming’ Olukoya, MFM

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A London High (Queen’ Bench Division) has granted a perpetual injunction restraining Maureen Badejo from publishing further defamatory words against or concerning Dr. Daniel Olukoya, family and the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM).

The judge, Master Gary Thornett, also ordered Badejo the legal costs incurred by the Olukoyas the suit.

He ruled further session() would be held determine the actual cost be awarded Dr Olukoya, family and the Church.

The hearing, which began at 10:30am on Tuesday, April 13, finished at about 1:05pm.

The claimants instituted the suit following several claims – no fewer than 52 – allegedly made against them by Badejo and her GIO TV on YouTube and Facebook.

They were represented by Mrs Nath Director and Solicitor of Nath Solicitors London Boutique firm specialising defamation and by Mr Jonathan of Doughty Street Chambers.

her counter-claim Badejo demandes monies allegedly lost by her from the shutting down of some of her broadcasts by You-Tube and Facebook sequel complaints from Dr. Olukoya’ lawyers.

But, dismissing her claim, Master Thornet described it as a “frivolous”, and an abuse of process.

He held: “…it is overwhelmingly clear the nature of this defamation is severe and serious…..and the of publications are considerable”.

Responding to the ruling Dr Olukoya, family and the Church said in a : “These victories are a tribute to the Lord our God who would never permit evil to triumph over righteousness.”

Tuesday’s decision makes it the second time Badejo would receive knocks from the system for defaming the Olukoyas and the Church.

On February 9, 2021, an Abeokuta High awarded N250million each to the Olukoyas and MFM (making a total N500 million) as aggravated and exemplary damages for libel committed against them by Badejo.

The court also ordered Badejo to immediately pull down and erase each of the offending online publications/posts concerning the claimants from the internet.