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Maame Serwaa reveals the secret behind her huge melons


Kumawood actress Maame Serwaa, known in private life as Clara Amoateng Benson, has opened about her much talked about heavy chest.

Maame Serwaa who started off as a child actor has come up in social media trends in recent times over her body.

Within the past two years, Maame Serwaa has grown a significantly heavy chest which has often been the main attraction in her most recent photos.

For most of the times, social media users have been blasting her for letting herself to get out of shape.

But in her latest interview with Kwaku Manu on his Aggressive Interview, Maame Serwaa stated emphatically that she was not the one who made herself grow such a heavy chest.

According to the actress, her heavy chest is hereditary and a trait she got from her mother’s lineage and not because of anything she has done.

Explaining what she meant, Maame Serwaa indicated that all the grandchildren of her matrilineal grandmother have body types similar to hers.

She further stated that a look at her cousins shows she has one of the smallest chests among her grandmother’s descendants.

“On my matrilineal grandmother’s side, the female grandchildren all have such heavy busts. My grandmother’s children did not inherit that but the grandchildren all have it. My own is even small,” she told Kwaku Manu.


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