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Making distress calls during emergencies can save lives — Officia


LAGOS – The Deputy Director, Lagos State Ambulance Service, Dr Saidat Okaga, on Friday underscored the importance of making distress calls during emergency situations, saying they could save lives.

Okaga told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that making distress calls was particularly important especially in a situation where expectant mothers were about to be delivered of their babies.

According to her, distress calls can help to improve access to healthcare in the state.

“We expect people to call us on 767 only when there are emergencies.

“Emergencies like `my wife is in labour`, `there is no access to a vehicle` or `it is very late`.

“Also, if you see somebody on the street, in a vehicle, or at home in need of medical assistance, people should feel free to call 767.

“And the public should know that they would be speaking to qualified personnel. We have nurses and paramedics available to answer the calls.

“We have well-equipped ambulances to take care of the distress calls that could be made; the 767 line is free.

“It is available all day long and it doesn’t warrant you calling unnecessarily and of course, it is a way of improving access to healthcare in Lagos State.“

Okaga said that the agency received 5,654 distress calls between May 2013 and Feb. 2014.

She said that 28 of the calls were on maternal cases, out of which 20 were moved to definitive points of care.

The doctor added that four women died due to delay in placing a distress call or “wrong address factor“. (NAN)

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