Making the difference: The many firsts of SMILE Nigeria

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The pioneering work and series of innovation introduced by Smile Nigeria into the nation’s telecommunications sector have continued to set it apart among its peers.
Smile had from inception created a network that out performs the existing benchmark in the Nigerian market. In 2013, it launched the first 4G LTE network in West Africa in Nigeria, in Ibadan, thereby revolutionising the way people access the internet. It deployed the 4G LTE radio network in with Ericsson, which enabled Smile to provide the most advanced telecommunications technologies and standards available anywhere in the world using the 4G LTE network technology.

Smile is also the first in Nigeria to launch Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) in 2016 on its 4G LTE network. Compared to traditional 2G and 3G networks, VoLTE enables consumers to benefit from superior quality voice, and data services on a single device and a single data plan. Another first from Smile Nigeria is the SmileVoice App launched in March, 2016. With the SmileVoice App customers experience SuperClear voice, with data and voice over LTE on mobile phones.

Again, Smile Nigeria pioneered 4G roaming with SmileKonnect in with Nuu Mobile. Smile was the first operator in Africa to launch SmileKonnect in April, 2019. This service enables International 4G data roaming and empowers consumers to automatically access data services to send and receive e-mails, download and send business documents and much more. In December 2019, Smile launched eSIM in Nigeria. The Smile eSIM is a downloadable application, and when activated the consumer can enjoy 10 FREE minutes local calls, unlimited on-net calls and SMSs.

In March 2020, Smile unveiled UnlimitedPlatinum which offers unlimited internet with no data limit. This is sequel to its earlier launch of Unlimited plans in 2016. The UnlimitedPlatinum comes in handy for all data consumers, especially heavy data users. Anyone who subscribes to the Smile UnlimitedPlatinum, will for a period of month, enjoy the luxury of unlimited downloads of everything desirable.

Very recently, Smile Nigeria introduced the Smile VoTLE smartphone. This first of its kind saw Smile introducing the first entry-level, dual-SIM, Voice Over 4G LTE-enable smartphone. The smartphone gives customers quick and easy access to the best quality 4G LTE network in Nigeria, at a more affordable rate. The SmileVoLTE dual SIM smartphone comes pre-loaded with applications including the SmileVoice App, WhatsApp, twitter, skype, Instagram, YouTube, music and FM radio and includes innovative features like fingerprint and face recognition for smartphone access and security.
Evidently, Smile uses the best and most innovative technologies to offer its customers fast, reliable, quality, easy-to-use and affordable communication services. In doing all these, it remains a pacesetter.