Malami: Avoidable ridicule of an unlearned chief law officer of a federation, By Don Ubani

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Abubakar Malami

is a truism that no human society advances beyond its quality of education and learning. The basic difference between a man attended a good school, allowing the school to pass through him and the stark illiterate tout in a motor park in Birni , for instance, is that while the former had gone through globally-stipulated processes of both mental and moral refinement and reformation and, so, reasons and conducts himself in lawful and decent manners, the latter is in his unrefined nature and, therefore, has no sense of decency and has no respect, whatsoever, for the laws that govern his society.

In a similar dimension, half-baked knowledge could constitute a terrible hazard to a society that allows possessors of such description of knowledge to pilot its affairs. is obvious no one gives what one does not have.

In any society where half-baked individuals are made to be in charge of its collective destiny, such a society is bound to wallow in stunted growth and abject penury.

Nigeria is a typical example of a society that is driven by mediocres. The of governance is a very serious engagement that requires the society’s very good brains. In fact, governance demands the active involvement of the society’s best brains. is not for dunderheads.

That Nigeria, despite all the resources, both human and material, that God endowed her with is the Capital of World Poverty, is a clear testimony that her leaders at the Centre are inexplicably and unforgivably half-baked.

No factor has been as much responsible for Nigeria’s abysmal leadership failure as the country’s idiosyncracies and preferences in her  educational selective processes, with emphasis on measurement and evaluation.

A situation where a country’s educational standard is determined by a very unprogressive adoption of Quota System, can only produce an uninformed drivers of state economy. In every aspect of the country’s enterprise, her portion would always be failure, retrogression and .

In a country where the chief law officer, as in the person of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, is a product of Quota System of selection, measurement and evaluation, understanding and interpreting the Constitution and various laws of the country will be turned upside down.

If this were not so, what, on earth, would mislead Nigeria’s Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mr Abubakar Malami, to state in an open television programme that the ban on open grazing of cattle in the southern by southern governors is unconstitutional?

The fact is that the Chief Law Officer Of Nigeria, Mr Abubakar Malami, is, by every indication, an unlearned person. Whatever university that produced him as a lawyer cannot stand as a true Citadel of Learning anywhere in the world, except in Nigeria where ethnicity and religion are the basic criteria for defining intellectual evaluation.

While it is worrisome that Mr Abubakar Malami could be said to have passed the Nigerian Law School, it is very ridiculous and embarrassing that such an unlearned person could be conferred with the honour of Senior Advocate of Nigeria by the Legal Practioners’ Privileges (LPPC).

The appropriate sections of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution, as amended, guarantee of movement to . The Constitution also guarantees right of safety to and their property.

There is no section of the said Constitution that guarantees to any tribe or group of to destroy any citizen’s farm or property. Equally, there is no section of the Constitution that accords any iota of right to any tribe or section in the country to constitute itself as a terror group against in their ancestral homes.

What southern governors placed ban on is open grazing of cattle. They did not place any ban on the movement of any Nigerian or .

On what basis did or Mr Chief Law Officer Of Nigeria, Mr Abubakar Malami, state that ban on open grazing by southern governors is unconstitutional?

The truth of the matter is that Mr Abubakar Malami was not brought up in the best legal environmental exposure and, so, does not know the legal depth of the ban on open grazing by the well informed governors of the . He is a lawyer merely by fulani-induced anachronistic Quota System. 

Like the erudite Governor of Ondo State, Chief Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has already called his bluff, the very law-abiding well-informed people of the of Nigeria will be very willing and prepared to meet with this half-baked Chief Law Officer Of Nigeria in the Supreme Court. Enough is enough!

Sir Don Ubani is a former for and Strategy, Abia State.