Malaysian business owners urge govt to rethink lockdown rules

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Malaysian business owners on Tuesday pleaded the to review coronavirus restrictions which they say is causing massive damage to the economy.

David Gurupatham Industries Unite, which is made up 115 trade unions and chambers commerce representing more three million , said that it would take years to recover the economy damage.

“We are beyond saving and it is going to take years to recover as the current aren’t working.

“Malaysia’s third pandemic imposed in May, the last week warning daily case numbers would have to drop below 4,000 before any nationwide easing would be sanctioned, though some regional-level relaxations have been permitted,’’ he said.

On Tuesday, the Health Ministry reported more 7,600 new cases, the highest in over a month in spite weeks heavily policed curbs.

Malaysia has been reporting the most cases, measured per capita in South-East Asia.

Gurupatham said the rules only allow essential to operate and a cap 60 per cent staff at work at a time.

He added that the requirements were confusing and queries were being passed between ministries without being answered.

Malaysia’s first in 2020 saw second-quarter gross domestic product () plunge by about 17 per cent.

The second in early 2021 proved less damaging, as fell by 0.5 per cent during the first quarter due to overseas demand for goods such as medical gloves, which the country is the world’s biggest supplier of.

The Malaysian Rubber Gloves Manufacturers Association, an industry group, warned over the weekend that restrictions could cause a global shortage of gloves and leave medics unprotected.