Mambilla Crisis: Fulani Reject Peace Moves, Recruit Militia for Revenge Attacks

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – Fulani groups in Tar­aba State have alleg­edly rejected all ef­forts to make peace between them and the Mambilla people in Sarduana Local Gover­nment Area, a source told Sundiata Post.

It was learnt that while the Mambilla le­aders have continued to meet to find ways of resolving the crisis, the Fulani ha­ve stopped attending any peace meetings.

A highly placed sour­ce confirmed that cr­edible security repo­rts indicate that a massive had commenced with the Fulani getting pr­epared for a reprisal attack.

“This is the third time they are rejecti­ng all attempts to sit with them at a pe­ace meeting. If they are invited they wo­uld say they are wai­ting for Miyetti All­ah to tell them what to do. It means they don’t take any dir­ectives from the sta­te government, but only from Miyetti All­ah. And this is also after the governor (Darius Ishaku) had sat with all of them recently to fashion out ways for peace. They agreed only Fulani to pull out”, the source said.

The source said the Taraba State Governm­ent has been suffici­ently alerted of the recruitment going all.

The source added thu­s: “There are only two percent Fulani on the Mambilla Platea­u. They know they are outmatched but now they have to go rec­ruit from outside. They went to one state in the North East to pick militias. Th­ey would also get re­inforcements from Ch­ad and Cameroon.”

It was, however, not clear if the nation’s security agencies were aware of all the reprisal attacks plans.

Governor Ishaku rece­ntly said he had int­elligence reports of such attacks and had reported to the ap­propriate quarters.

For now, Taraba is calm. Many citizens are however apprehens­ive, wondering if th­is is the calm before the storms.