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Man Loses Lucrative Job After Insulting his ‘Interviewer’ Inside Keke


An unidentified man, has reportedly lost the opportunity of reversing his jobless status by insulting the very person that was supposed to help him out during a ride in a tricycle, popularly known as keke.

The story was told by a popular online blogger and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Break Or Make Up, Blessing Okoro, in her Instagram, while lamenting how some people could be awful and admonishing others to be careful on how to treat fellow human beings.

Read the story: “Always learn to be kind even to those who can’t offer you nothing. Yesterday I had to visit somewhere and it was raining so I did not want to drive there since I was not too familiar with the road ,so I parked my car somewhere close and used a keke.

“While I was there I got a call from a long time friend reminding me of my promise tl her husband over a job,so I quickly told her my location, and asked her to tell her husband to meet me up asap since I will be leaving town soon,but I told her to tell her husband to meet me up were I packed my car since that place was a popular land mark .

“I don’t know her husband and we have never met before, as I sent her the address she called me back and was so excited that I was even around her area which will make it easy for him because he did not even have transport to come out,things was that bad. So I told her that he should pick a drop I will pay.

“In other not to keep him stranded I had to start rushing back to where I packed my car. God I even entered under the rain, cold, just to meet up with him so he will not be stranded, as I was walking under the rain I saw a keke and stopped it, the keke man asked me to beg the man inside, so I started begging the man refused and said I was wet. I told him I will sit one side, and he refused, saying except I pay for both his fair and mine.

“I agreed, then he allowed me. As entered this man kept me uncomfortable, saying if my wet clothes touch him again I will drop down. I just kept my cool until I finally got to my destination, I did not even reach I stopped at the junction and paid then used my legs to walk to my car, since it was very close.

 was inside my car warning myself, then I got a call from my friend saying her husband was around, so I described my car and he came. I saw someone knocked on my car glass,wined down and it was this same man in a keke with me?.

I was supposed to pay the keke man,and recommend him for a job. Tears rolled down my eyes,I brought out 3k,gave him, started my car and zoomed off. My friend has been calling and sending me messages, I had to block her. Be careful many times men of gold don’t wear gold . Be nice ….”

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