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Mariah Carey’s sister sues their mother for forced s3x acts during satanic rituals


Mariah Carey’s troubled sister, Alison is suing their mother for sexually abusing her as a child.

Alison is accusing her mother of forcing her to perform s3xual acts on strangers during satanic rituals.

Alison Carey accused her mum Patricia of forcing her to perform s3x acts on strangers when she was ten and she also had to watch other children being abused “during middle-of-the-night satanic worship meetings that included ritual sacrifices.”

As a result, Alison, now 57, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, according to court papers ­filed in New York.

Alison, who is estranged from her superstar sister, 50, once worked as a prostitute and is HIV positive. Friends insist she is not after Mariah’s fortune — she has lost all her teeth and wants to pay to get them repaired.

Alison’s lawsuit, filed at the State of New York Supreme Court, says:

“Defendant, who is Plaintiff’s mother, allowed and encouraged other male persons whose identities are at present unknown to engage in sexual acts as defined in New York Penal Law, specifically 130.52 (forcible touching), and 130.65 (sexual assault in the first degree), while Plaintiff was approximately 10 years of age.

“Defendant also forced Plaintiff to witness adults engaged in sexual acts with both adults and children during middle-of-the-night satanic worship meetings that included ritual sacrifices.

“As a result of the above Plaintiff has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and major depression, leading her to misuse both legal and illegal drugs in an attempt to suppress the horrific memories, and to undergo extensive professional counselling.

“Plaintiff now demands compensatory money damages for immense psychological and physical damage, mental pain and anguish and intentional infliction of severe emotion distress.”

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