Masari: Bandits attacking schools to draw attention

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Aminu Masari

Katsina Aminu Masari on Thursday said by across schools is to draw attention of government.

Masari said operating north are not same as Boko Haram insurgents, but they share certain elements.

He stated this during an interview on monitored by Nation.

The governor said it would be a serious problem if degenerate into Boko Haram.

Masari expressed fears the bandits resort to profile cities and towns, adding the government must “work hard” to prevent such an occurrence.

He said: “The current banditry and is going on are not the style of Boko Haram but some elements of Boko Haram have been the forest for a very long .

“There are some elements but the current banditry that is going on is not Boko Haram yet, but if something is not done, we end up having a much more serious problem.”

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