Mass grave of 65 bodies uncovered in Syria’s Palmyra, Group says

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Beirut  –  A mass grave containing at least 65 bodies killed by Islamic State extremist militia in ancient city Palmyra has been discovered by Syrian government forces.

A monitoring group on Thursday in Beirut that bodies belonged members regime forces and allied paramilitaries, who were executed after Islamic State took over Palmyra in May 2015.

Syrian Observatory for said the grave was found near a airport in the central Syrian city.

The group relies on a network activists inside Syria for information, said there was confirmation in Damascus.

It said if confirmed, the grisly find would be the second of its kind in Palmyra, since it was retaken from Islamic State nearly two months ago.

In April, Syrian state media that government forces had uncovered a mass grave in Palmyra holding the bodies of more than 40 people, including and children.

Palmyra is a UNESCO World Heritage site whose triumphal arch was among several landmarks blown by Islamic State militants. (dpa/NAN)