Mass Slaughter of Our Soldiers and Buhari’s Cruel Silence, By Farooq Kperogi

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The gruesome mass murder of Nigerian soldiers by maniacal Boko Haram terrorists is now all over both the domestic and international media, yet President Buhari, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and retired Major General, hasn’t said a word about this, much less condole the bereaved families of the deceased soldiers. We know why: acknowledging the mass slaughter of our soldiers will expose his self-serving lie that Boko Haram has been defeated.

Remember that on August 2, after Boko Haram murdered scores of soldiers once more, Buhari pretended it never happened and instead chose to meet with senators from his party who had threatened to defect to PDP. He is more concerned about the success of the NextLevel of incompetence and fraud he will inflict on Nigerians than he is with the tragic death of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in defense of the country. Isn’t this similar to, or even worse than, Jonathan’s attitude of blithe unconcern toward the Boko Haram tragedy in 2014?

As many international news organizations have noted, more soldiers have been killed by Boko Haram under Buhari than at any time since the insurgency started in 2009. Yet, all he and his minions do is lie blatantly, shamelessly, and interminably about defeating Boko Haram.

These dead soldiers are the sons, husbands, brothers, and cousins of humans like Buhari and us. A president who quickly ferried his son to Germany for world-class medical attention after he had an accident with a multi-million naira power bike can’t even as much as acknowledge the death of soldiers who died in defense of the land he leads. Yet he invited his incompetent service chiefs, whom he should have fired since if he was a sincere and competent leader, to grace his reelection campaign in the presidential villa.

Buhari is undoubtedly the cruelest and most hopeless president Nigeria has ever had the misfortune to have. Anyone who is campaigning for the continuation of this cold, bungling, unfeeling wretch as president is an enemy of Nigeria.

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