Mauritian council educates women on their rights

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GOODLANDS – The Criminal Code (Amendment) Act and the Legal Aid Act are the focal point of this year’s Legal Literacy Programme for Women, organised by the Mauritian National Women’s Council, a says.

The programme, on Wednesday, organised increase women’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of the laws relating the rights of women.

It aimed at teaching women how access laws that guaranteed women and assistance.

The Mauritian Child Development and Family Welfare Minister, Mireille Martin, said the Legal Literacy Programme meant for the , economic and political empowerment of women.

She made the disclosure at the Centre Goodlands, Northern Mauritius where the programme was taking place and has “Mauritian Gender Equality’’ as its theme.

She said the programme was also aimed at building a fair and equal society, adding that “it is only when women are made aware of the provisions of the law concerning their rights and that they be able be less susceptible injustices.’’

Martin women to conduct outreach activities after their the Legal Literacy programme.

She also them to share their experiences and disseminate information order to enlist a greater number of women their associations and communities to gain access to legal information.

It was recalled that in 2013, the literacy programme was based on Equal Opportunity Act and the Local Government Act.

than 200 women are participating in the programme. (PANA/NAN)