“May Nigeria Not Happen To You” – Nigerian Lawyer Mourns Uncle Killed By Kidnappers In Ekiti

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A lawyer, Dayo Ogunyemi, who is living in Canada, has cried out after his uncle was killed.

man lamented death his uncle, Akinwale Ariyo Natty, whom he said was killed by kidnappers in Ekiti State.

He said Nigeria failed his uncle, survived by a wife and three .

Nigeria not happen to you,” Ogunyemi wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “My uncle, Akinwale Ariyo Natty, was laid to rest yesterday. He was murdered by kidnappers in Ekiti State, Nigeria. It should, however, be on record Nigeria failed him. Like many others, he just wanted to live a good life, love his wife, raise his three kids, but Nigeria happened to him.

“It is unfortunate to see how devilish acts kidnapping and indiscriminate killings have been normalized in Nigeria. Terrible things happen, but we move on like these things mean nothing to us. We do not anyone or government accountable, and I am unable to wrap my mind around this.

“People now live in fear the known and the unknown. These fears come in several guises. If the bad do not you, you can be killed by a stray bullet. If you are not hacked to death by the agents of the greedy , you can be killed by kidnappers – just like my uncle. It is now almost a thing of luck to peacefully in your sleep.

“Everything in Nigeria can you. who are abroad are not visiting or returning home because they are scared of being kidnapped and killed. This is a national crisis, and I hope this situation gets the attention it deserves.

“Rest in Power, Akinwale Ariyo Natty. Rest in Power! the Holy Spirit comfort us and God keep the you left behind.

“It is just sad I will no longer see you again. Egbon!!! This is painful. I am hurt!

Again, it should be on record that Nigeria failed and killed my uncle.”

of kidnapping have been on the rise across the country.

In the South-West, governors had launched Amotekun, a regional outfit, but crime is still a major challenge in the region.