Mayor of Housing storms FCT for Likeminds FC In-house tournament

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…As Munachi goes to church

By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – A Renowned real estate success strategist Alloy Emeka China is otherwise known as Mayor of Housing has revealed that they will be storming Abuja on October 2, 2021, for the Likeminds FC In- tournament (De Boss Cup).

My-Ace China who led his array of comedians to Abuja on Sunday to grace the child presentation of Baby Munachiso Teddy-Obi said been the sponsor of the tournament and a club owner too he will be leading his business associates in the real estate to witness the four weeks event.

When asked what attracted him to the tournament he said, “We like sports and fitness so when one of the Mayor of Housing’s Ambassadors, Teddy Obi introduced me to Likeminds FC I quickly cash in on the opportunity because it was in line with what we do in our real estate business.

“We chose to sponsor the tournament despite the ages involved because the news about one can go viral outside electronic media when Likeminds start talking about you and what you are capable of. Imagine when Likeminds begin to discuss and talk about the Mayor of Housing, there is limitation to how far the news about us is spread.

“As the sponsor for this year tournament we also have a team and we would be coming down to Abuja on the opening day of the event and of course the final for the presentation of the trophy. Apart from my support to the competition, they should also expect that my team will win the competition because we are preparing for the competition,” he said.

When ask if the Mayor of Housing FC is out to intimidate other opponents in the competition, he said they are out to win the competition and not to intimidate any team. He stressed that intimidation can come without a resultant winning but the Mayor of Housing FC is out to win.

“if you understand about the brand Mayor of Housing, we are all about winning, we are winning the war on houses deficiency in Nigeria, we are the first company in Nigeria to actually democratized and give access to affordable houses without government and investors support but through social funding..”