MDGs Scheme to strengthen collaboration at LG levels – Report

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mdg Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Office said on Thursday that implementation Conditional Grants Scheme (CGS) projects at Local Government level would collaboration and intergovernmental coordination.

This is contained in a report entitled “Enhancing MDG’ in through CGS’’ released by MDGs office in .

The MDGs said the scheme had provided several lessons for policy makers, government and community in the country.

It said the involvement state and local government councils had ensured stronger commitment and participation in the implementation MDGs related activities.

“The increase levels and ownership among communities and tiers of government makes it much more likely that MDGs projects would continue in the long term.’’ .

It said state and local governments were responsible for the delivery of basic services to communities, noting that the support would help communities in various activities. [eap_ad_2] The report said local governments had taken responsibility of key activities, such as community involvement by ensuring that communities benefited the CGS scheme.

It also said that local governments were handling the Need Assessment and Facility Management (NAFM).

The objective of NAFM, according to the report, is to provide basis for scaling-up of programmes to expand human resources, financial and basic infrastructure by making them more comprehensive.

“The state governments provide support to local governments to responsibility for key activities such as community involvement, needs assessment and facility management.

“The Federal Government, however, provides project design, financial management and monitoring.

“Working state and federal government, local governments have adopted evidence-based planning using national databases and tools such as the Millennium System (NMIS).

“This is helping local governments to target projects for maximum pro-poor impact,’’ it said. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]