Memorial to Nazi massacre victims in turmoil after director ousted

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Prague – The work of a memorial site in Lidice, the site of a World War II massacre in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, has become cloaked in following the ouster of director Martina Lehmannova.
After the head of the Lidice Memorial in the modern day Czech was forced to resign, 10 department heads and curators voiced their for her, a spokesman for the group said on Friday.
In an letter, the employees criticised growing Czech Culture Minister Lubomir Zaoralek and the controversial, communist dominated Czech Freedom Fighters’ Union (CSBS).
The workers warned that academic research was under threat.
Lidice was the site of a brutal Nazi massacre in World War II.
German soldiers razed the Central Bohemian village on the morning of June 10, 1942, in revenge for the assassination of a senior SS officer.
hundred and seventy-three were killed on the spot and 26 were killed later.
Women and the village were sent to concentration camps.
In a documentary broadcast by the Czech CT television channel, a historian claimed that a Jewish woman Lidice was sent to Auschwitz and killed after being betrayed by her .
Lehmannova had called for the Jewish woman to also be commemorated at the memorial site. Some of the Lidice survivors were appalled by the idea, while others supported the move.
Around 150,000 visited the Lidice Memorial near Prague last year, including many school .