Mike Pence accused of leaving ‘shameful’ tip on restaurant bill

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Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Vice Mike Pence has been accused undertipping after his alleged receipt was shared .

A Twitter user claimed that Republican politician had only tipped a few dollars after a visit a cafe.

Sachin Chheda tweeted a picture unverified receipt and said: “Here’s character these people.

“A friend’s friend works at a restaurant that served @Mike_Pence at lunch today. He tipped $5 $45 .

“This is these people are. Remember that, always.”

He later added: “ issue here is that he should be shamed for undertipping.”

The vice allegedly ordered two chipotle chicken sandwiches, ginger ale and two hot chocolates.

In another reply, Chheda said: “The minimum wage for servers is $8-something in Beaver Creek, where this restaurant is.

“…Any good person would have tipped at least $9-$10 this . That’s what this is about.”

Twitter users reacted the viral claim, with one working what they believe Pence should have tipped.

Some were also angry due the impact of the of the hospitality industry.

Others agreed that the alleged actions demonstrate the true character of a tipper.

A few claimed showed inherent with the tipping .

However, some users defended Pence’s alleged tip for the meal.